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Young dentists issue training places call

Posted by Allie Wright

The British Dental Association (BDA) is backing young dentists in their call for training places to be guaranteed.

It is being claimed by the BDA’s Young Dentists Committee (YDC) that all young graduates from UK dental schools should be given a Dental Foundation Training (DFT)

YDC chair Dr Martin Nimmo has called for anyone who agrees with the idea to sign an e-petition set up by the body on the topic that has already collected 236 signatures.

It is being argued by the group that the failure to allocate DFT places to UK graduates wastes taxpayers money that has been invested in their training, “because denying each individual a DFT place means that they are prevented from providing NHS care”, while it is also “unfair to the graduates who taken on significant amounts of debt in order to complete their studies”.

Dr Nimmo stated it is “perverse” that students who have worked hard to graduate are being denied the training places they need to fulfil their ambition. 

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