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Woman who lost teeth in operation wins compensation

Posted by Joanne Mellor

A woman who lost her two front teeth in an operation when she was a child has been awarded tens of thousands of pounds as a result.

Sarah Marshall, now 21, went into hospital to have her tonsils taken out 15 years ago, but surgeons removed her front teeth, reports the Daily Record.

She said: “I remember waking up and my mouth was really painful.”

The surgeons responsible put the teeth back in her mouth in the hope they would re-root but this did not happen and she has now been awarded over £60,000 in compensation as a result.

Ms Marshall stated she was bullied a lot at school as a result of the gap in her front teeth.

Last year, a report by the Daily Express pointed out cosmetic dentistry surgery is no longer just for the rich and famous, with an increasing number of people having work carried out on their teeth in order to improve their smile.

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