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Why your audience loves an ebook – and how they can help you too

When it comes to planning dental surgery marketing, there are many different types of content to consider. Static website content, blogs, informational leaflets and direct marketing materials are all popular options – but have you ever thought about an ebook?

In its most basic form, an ebook is an electronic version of a book, which can be read on a handheld device or a computer. While ebooks are a popular choice for reading novels, since you can carry an entire library on a pocket-sized device, they can also be an effective part of a content marketing strategy.

The beauty of an ebook is that it gives a brand the opportunity to deeply connect with its target audience in a low-cost and easy-to-produce format. Users love them because they provide detailed information, along with visual elements, and they can be download and looked at on a mobile device from anywhere. 

For a dental surgery, this could mean making an ebook about proper dental hygiene, a kid’s guide to taking care of their teeth or an informational booklet about a specific procedure or condition.

Another benefit of ebooks is they can work really well as lead generation tools. They are easy to promote across social media, and if you require somebody to provide an email address, or subscribe to your newsletter, before downloading the ebook, you’ll have captured their contact details for further correspondence.

But why bother creating an ebook when you could put the same information on your website? This is a great question and one that HubSpot recently looked into. The company tested the response rates of two offers – one in a PDF ebook format and the other as a webpage.

Out of the 3,000 individuals responded to the offers, 90 per cent preferred downloading the PDF to reading the content on a webpage.HubSpot offered several potential reasons for the preference, including:

  • People still like to print things out – and PDFs are easier to print than webpages.
  • People viewing content like to be able to download it and come back to it later.
  • People don’t think webpages look as good as PDFs.

If you’re thinking about creating new marketing materials to help inform your clients and generate leads, Designer Dental can help. To find out more, please contact us.

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