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Why the appearance of your dental surgery matters

While dental surgery marketing often focuses on getting the practice’s name out in the community – through channels such as a website, social media, direct mail and ground marketing – it’s also important to make sure the appearance of your surgery conveys the right message to patients.

It doesn’t matter how skilled your dental team is – how a patient feels about their experience at your dental surgery is often shaped by how they perceived the staff and the practice environment.

One reason for this is that patients don’t have the skills or knowledge to evaluate clinical skills to truly understand the difference between good, bad and mediocre treatment.

There’s also the question of first impressions.

“Like it or not, when people feel good about your office and your staff, they think you’re a great dentist,” explains Fred Joyal, CEO and co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST. “It’s human nature,” he adds.

When thinking about the appearance of your dental surgery, cleanliness and hygiene should be your top priorities. But a well-planned layout and decor can also improve the patient experience and functionality of the space too. Here are some ideas to consider when evaluating the appearance of your dental surgery:

  • Layout can affect productivity – Try to arrange the surgery in a way that will help you to be more efficient. This will make it easier for you deal with patients quickly, and will also lead to a smoother patient experience.
  • Consider your colour scheme – Try to choose colours that reinforce a sense of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as a calm and tranquil feeling. White walls are an excellent starting point, but be sure to add some pops of soothing colours to give the space some character. Furniture and wall art, such as posters and canvases, provide a great opportunity for adding some interest to a room.
  • Add some marketing – Signs, slideshows and wall art can provide useful information while also improving the visual aesthetic of the space. You can even use these elements to promote services that are available.

To learn more about how Designer Dental can help you market your dental surgery, please contact us today.

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