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Why success stories are a vital part of obtaining new business

Having a strong marketing message and being able to promote yourself well are absolute musts when it comes to attracting and retaining business for your dental surgery.

However, something that can do a lot of the work for you, is if you have some top-notch success stories and case studies to support all the claims that you make on your website and other marketing literature.

Success stories can be particularly useful for the dental industry because quite a lot of people tend to find a surgery/doctor they like and stick with them. This is where a client recommendation can really help you to change this and attract new business in a completely different way.

There is often an assumption that because you have a good following already that people will be aware of your success – but this really isn’t the case.

Having client testimonials on your website interspersed through your product and service pages to support the message that you’re putting across can be a great way to attract new business.

What’s great about these case studies, is that you can tease information out of them and put quotes on your materials or even referrals cards. You must make sure that you have permission from your client before you do this first!

The reason why these and other similar materials tend to work well is because consumers are always more likely to trust a service if it has been recommended by a peer.

Obviously, this is why most businesses perpetuate using referral cards! If a client sitting in your chair says that you’ve given them the best teeth cleaning or crown fitting of their lives then you should absolutely take advantage of it!

It isn’t just surgeries and practices that can benefit from this, as laboratories can also use success stories as testimonials to attract new clients in their products.

They can make for really good business-to-business tools to take new and potential clients through your processes and how the different products you supply have helped the bottom line of how you run your lab day to day.

Using these success stories is basically the dental industry’s version of Trip Advisor, but they’re controlled and targeted by you – so they’re even better for promoting you and your business!

For more information on how you can distribute success stories and case studies through your branding and marketing message, contact Designer Dental now.

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