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Why mobile optimisation is no longer a bonus but a necessity

As we move into 2018, it becomes important for businesses to look back and reflect on the past year and the mobile and user experience (UX) trends that came with it. Perhaps one of the most important trends that has been established in 2017 is that a website that is mobile-optimised is now no longer a bonus for companies, but actually a necessity. 

Not only are more websites being loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers, but dental practices that fail to provide a mobile-optimised website could be harming their brand and business. 

With cities across the globe increasingly providing high-speed mobile networks to users, smartphones are many people’s most important – or only – device. This means that when accessing information about a brand or product, if a website isn’t mobile-optimised, users will simply look elsewhere. 

According to Will Grant, co-founder of Prodlytic, everything is now assumed to be responsive and mobile-first, Econsultancy reported.

“It feels like the year that ‘mobile-first’, ‘mobile-friendly’ and ‘responsive design’ stopped being worth mentioning. It’s a given,” he said. “It’s considered a breaking bug if your web app doesn’t work on mobile.”

Next year, dental practices should no longer be asking the question of whether mobile marketing is important but instead try to understand how consumers behave when using various types of mobile devices. 

Analysing consumer mobile behaviours could involve anything from tracking the times of day users are most likely to use their mobile, to mapping their user journey, to finding out what type of information they are specifically looking for. 

Once these behaviours are identified, businesses can then target these areas to ensure users are finding the information they want. 

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Image credit: iStock/LDProd

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