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Why it’s important to attend events

The British Dental Association (BDA) annual conference is on between 25th and 28th May this year and it will be an important event to attend, particularly if you’re representative of a dental laboratory, as attending these is an excellent way of marketing yourself.

Going to these can be especially good if you’ve just rebranded, or had a change of logo design. Say for example that you have changed your message or imaging slightly, there’s no better way than to attend a large conference and networking event like this to hand out business cards or pens and other such things to peers and prospective clients/patients.

This year’s conference and event is spread among networking events, talks, discussions, a ball and a gala dinner. There are lots of opportunities to get a round-table conversation going about various improvements in the dental industry.

In this way, you can use conversations like this to highlight new products, services and technologies that you are using in your surgery to market your business.

When it comes to these large events, it’s always worth having some fresh information to hand or at the front of your mind, as they’re an opportunity to expand your business in an easy way.

Similarly, events like this are going to have their own social media presence and hashtags, so it’s worth showing your support for them.

You can easily piggy-back on the things they have to say both before you go and when you’re there. It will be a good thing to promote to your consumers too, as it will show that you’re engaged in current dental news and updates.

Attending these large conferences is also a good way for you to keep your customers updated with what you’re doing and it could make good content for a newsletter.

When you send out a newsletter or an e-blast about attending this conference, you could phrase it as: Keep in touch with us when we’re @BDAConference anyone who retweets will receive a free branded toothbrush #BDA2016.

Once you’ve given an incentive for people to follow what you’re doing, they’re going to be more engaged with you as a personable brand, which should have a huge amount of benefit for you.

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