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Why creativity should be a core principle in any marketing campaign

For any brand, business or service provider that wants to attract the attention of customers and distinguish itself from competitors, creative marketing should be a key focus.

Creativity is important because it helps to ensure that your brand is defined by something new and different. It shows that your business has put time and thought into its marketing efforts, rather than following the lead of others.

This principle is just as relevant for dental practices as for any other organisation. By introducing some creative thinking into your marketing plans, you will increase your chances of capturing people’s attention and making a memorable impression.

The importance of creativity has been underlined by a recent survey conducted by Episerver, a firm that helps its customers offer digital experiences.

In an on-the-spot poll of 100 marketing professionals, 59 per cent of respondents said they believe creativity is more important than data as an element of their promotional campaigns.

This flies in the face of suggestions that marketing has become a statistics-led discipline, in light of the growing emphasis on concepts such as analytics and data.

Joey Moore, director of product at Peerius, an Episerver company, acknowledged that it has become increasingly common for marketing campaigns to be driven by “data collection and an in-depth understanding of a customer’s wants and needs”.

“Beneath this data, however, there must also be a fundamental element of creativity,” he added.

“Customer information is a vital vehicle for any marketing campaign, but without unique, interesting and attention-grabbing content, that data will never be used to its maximum effect.”

If you’re looking for some advice or inspiration on how to introduce more creativity into your dental practice marketing efforts, get in touch with Designer Dental today.

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