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What’s the difference between a web page and a landing page?

Landing pages can be a great form of dental marketing, but if you’re not using them correctly, you may be missing out on opportunities to promote your brand – and you might be wasting money too.
These days, most dental surgeries have an online presence. Even the most basic web page can benefit your practice, but the key to enjoying a good return on investment (ROI) for your website is to convert visitor traffic into new patients. One way effective way to do this is with landing pages.
Technically, a landing page can be any page on your website that a visitor can “land on” by clicking a link from somewhere else, such as a search engine or directory. 
However, when discussing landing pages in terms of marketing, the term can also refer to a piece of online content that’s distinct from your main site – something that has been designed to achieve a single objective.
One common characteristic of landing pages is that they are often separate from the main website, without the standard global navigation. This helps to ensure visitors to the landing page go where you want them to go – towards conversion – rather than enabling them to click around wherever they want on the site.
There are two main types of landing page:

  • Click through – The goal of these pages is to persuade visitors to click through to another page. These are often used in marketing funnels and can be used to describe your service and “warm up” a reader to get them closer to making an appointment. Once they read the information on the page and are convinced that your dental practice is the right choice, they can then click through to a contact page, registration page or even an online appointment scheduling page.
  • Lead generation – These are used to capture user data, such as names and email addresses, so that you can market to and connect with prospective patients in the future. In most cases, you’ll offer an incentive – like a welcome pack, an ebook, a free guide or a newsletter subscription – to persuade visitors to share their information with you. 

Whichever type of landing page you create, the copy will need to be persuasive, and it’s usually better to request a minimal amount of contact information. For example, if you want a visitor to sign up for an online newsletter, you only need to ask for their email address.
Here at Designer Dental, we can help you create a range of effective marketing materials to go along with your landing page strategy. To find out more about our range of products and services, please get in touch.

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