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What to put in your dental newsletter

Many dental practices are sending out newsletters and ezines to their patients in a bid to promote their practice and encourage people to return. But deciding what to include can be tricky; how are you going to advertise your services without boring people? After all, the average person is not inherently interested in reading about dentistry.

The first thing you need to bear in mind when deciding what to include in your newsletter is that you will probably not need to write it yourself. Dental marketing companies like Designer Dental will do that for you, but it may help to have a few ideas in mind for what to include in it.


Dental health tips

People enjoy reading about handy tips to make their lives better, and who is better-qualified to dispense oral healthcare advice than their local dentist? This puts you in a great position, as you can give out a ‘tip of the month’ or something similar to grab people’s attention and get them reading in the first place.

There is a huge variety of advice you can impart to your patients. One newsletter could talk about the latest mobile phone app to help you brush your teeth for the correct time, while the next could include a segment on foods that are surprisingly healthy or unhealthy for teeth. Use your imagination, and try to give your patients unique advice.


Special offers

There is no point advertising your practice if you can’t offer your patients something. If you provide cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening, it may be a good idea to offer them some money off in order to encourage them to visit.

You could put a coupon in a physical newsletter, or add a unique code to an ezine, meaning that reading the materials you send out has a distinct advantage for people. This will encourage more people to read your newsletter in order to access the offers, which will bring in even more custom.


Useful practice information

Are your opening times changing? Are you closing for a period of refurbishment? Are you offering a new service? If you are changing absolutely anything about your practice, it is worth putting this in the newsletter.

However, do not fall into the trap of filling your newsletter with irrelevant information. It is best to only include news that affects your patients. Don’t write about the holiday one of the dental nurses just took, for example, as few people will be interested.


Community news

Remember, you don’t actually need to fill your newsletter or ezine with purely dental information. If you want your practice to feel more connected to your nearby community, it might be worth including a segment about local news.

It would be even better if you can talk to patients about their achievements and views, and include things like that in the newsletter rather than simply regurgitating what the local papers say. This will make you seem much more personable and friendly, and establish your practice as an integral part of the community.

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