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What to consider when planning a dental surgery rebrand

There are some big advantages to be gained from rebranding your dental surgery.

It might be that the business is going through changes that need to be reflected in the brand, or that you simply feel there is a need to freshen things up, possibly to attract the attention of new patients.

Whatever the motivation might be, it’s important for any rebranding project to ask key questions that will maximise the chances of it being a success.

What is the overall goal?

If you don’t have a clear objective in mind, you run the risk of any rebranding initiative being a waste of time and money, with no definable return on investment.

Think about why the business needs to rebrand, and what you hope to achieve from it. What will you be doing differently from before, and how will this deliver clear, measurable advantages for the business?

Having these priorities in mind will provide structure for the project and help you to evaluate its success.

Is everyone pulling in the same direction?

Like so much in business, a rebrand is a collaborative effort that requires contributions from everyone in the practice.

It’s therefore important for all members of staff to be fully aware of what is happening and the overall objective of the project, to ensure that everyone is working in harmony.

Is the rebrand more than just a superficial change?

A rebrand should be about more than coming up with some new logos and redesigning your surgery’s aesthetic features.

Jeff Hayzlett, former chief marketing officer at Kodak, told that a brand is not just a visual concept, and should be perceived as a promise that you are seeking to deliver.

“If you are rebranding, you should be rethinking that promise and window-dressing it with design elements,” he advised.

It’s important to think about the fundamental objective of your business, and how this can be effectively represented in your brand.

If you are considering making some changes to the brand of your dental practice, contact Designer Dental for information about how we could help.

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