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What do followers expect from a company on social media?

Whether you agree with it or not, millennials are a large part of the market these days, particularly with regards to social media, and even if you don’t consider yourself as one, you need to learn how to approach them with your marketing.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should make all of this your primary focus, instead you should be aware of the fact that people in general are becoming more and more versed in the ways of social media – so you should have a strong strategy in place for this outlet.

As with all marketing, you need to work out what people are looking for when they go searching for your service and products. This will go a long way to deciding your tone of voice on social media and the various things that you share.

Some things that you should definitely avoid include not forcing current popular culture references and slang – if you start using phrases like Droppin’ the T – and it doesn’t suit your brand, or your message, people will know the difference and you certainly won’t be any closer to being #OnFleek.

Although it can seem like you’re being current, if you’re trying to pick up on a trend to include a group of people who aren’t really your target market, it will confuse your message and you could end up alienating your existing audience.

What your followers really want is an informative, interesting and cohesive service, basically the same thing you want when you’re looking to a business for help.

If you have a monthly newsletter to highlight your products and offers, posting an update about this on your social media pages is a good way to bring attention to it. In this way, you’re providing your followers with info, but you’re also using this as an opportunity to flaunt your wares and potentially introduce a new set of people to your newsletter service.

Social media should also fall in line with your online and offline content; your Twitter and Facebook should carry updates of new product offerings or blog posts from your website, and your website should have a quick link or logo to take your audience to your social media channels. By having this cohesion, you should be able to drive increased organic traffic to both sets of information very easily.

With social media, you’re really given the gift of conversation with your customers. For example, if someone wants to ask you a question, they might tweet you and it gives you the opportunity to answer them in real time. Standard response time is usually within one hour, but really the faster the better, because what people are looking for is a human and helpful response from a real person.

Similarly, you can also use your social media channels to create conversation, by asking your followers what kinds of products they prefer, or new services they’d like to see from you. You’ll be surprised at just how positive people can be, and how valued they’ll feel when you ask their opinion.

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