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What are the top priorities for marketers this year?

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, it’s common for businesses to look at what other organisations are doing and formulate their own plans accordingly – either in an attempt to emulate the results of other companies, or to set themselves apart.

If your dental practice is on the lookout for some new marketing tactics this year, taking a look at wider industry trends could provide some inspiration.

According to the Digital Trends 2018 report from Econsultancy, content and experience management will be a key focus for many firms over the next ten to 12 months.

Of the 12,795 marketing, creative and technology professionals surveyed, 45 per cent identified this as a priority.

Econsultancy also pointed out that top-performing companies are 50 per cent more likely than other organisations to have well-designed user journeys, with a focus on clear communication.

Other findings showed that optimising the customer experience is still viewed as the single most exciting opportunity for businesses, even though the proportion of respondents citing it fell slightly from 22 per cent in 2017 to 19 per cent this year. The report stressed that this “doesn’t necessarily mean that customer experience has become less important”.

Around one in six companies (16 per cent) said data-driven marketing with a focus on the individual is their most exciting current opportunity. Creating compelling content for digital experiences (14 per cent) also featured highly on the list, followed by using marketing automation to increase efficiency and yield (nine per cent).

On the subject of automation and next-generation tools, the research found that the top-performing companies are twice as likely to be using artificial intelligence for marketing.

Dental practices looking for new opportunities and strategies to reinvigorate their marketing this year should contact Designer Dental today.


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