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What are the secrets to ensuring your videos have the desired impact?

Make an immediate impact

Like many a web page, there is a risk of a high bounce rate if a video fails to swiftly grab the attention of the viewer. Within ten seconds, most people will have decided if they want to watch on, or click away. So the message needs to grab the attention from the very start. Indeed every video needs to be short and snappy, so being concise matters: few people will have the time or attention span to sit through a long video. 

With two-thirds of people being visual learners, it is important that attention is paid to the visual impact, not just the words.  

Tell a story that resonates

The key for a video to work is not to sell a brand, but to tell a story. It needs to be compelling, and one that the watcher can relate to. Whether a true story or clever fiction is less important; what matters is that it is emotive and authentic, speaking to the watcher in a way that makes them want to engage, respond and share the video.  

Shareability matters

The holy grail for any video is to ‘go viral’, which usually involves someone’s unfortunate but amusing real-life mishap, but can happen to marketing videos too. Using humour helps, but so too can other elements, such as relating to a popular cause or containing something visually compelling. On occasion – like the Cadbury’s chocolate bar advert featuring a drumming gorilla – the sheer unusual nature of something combined with a popular element (in that case a Phil Collins song) – can achieve this goal. 

Make the video searchable

Just like written online content, a video needs to be searchable. Thats means tagging it up and embedding it on your own web page. It also means paying attention to descriptions and accurate keywords on popular subjects, so it appears readily in search.

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