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What are the right marketing tools for your practice?

As the marketing industry continues to grow and evolve, one of the big challenges facing businesses of all kinds – including dental practices – is finding the right combination of tools and methods to promote their products and services to customers.

With such a wide range of possible strategies to choose from, it can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are resources available to help your practice make the right decisions on this front, such as this marketing guide from Designer Dental. This tool provides an insight into some of the results you could gain from the effective use of assets and methods such as:


Posters are a simple but powerful way to give a striking visual showcase of the services you offer and the end result patients can expect to receive. Bespoke posters can prove particularly useful if you want to get a very specific message across.

Promotional items

Branded promotional items can help your practice achieve two key goals: laying positive foundations for long-term customer relationships and communicating your brand identity, logo and contact details.


If you are keen to keep patients up to date with changes to your services, appointment information or general dental health news, newsletters can be an effective way to do it. Email communications offer the benefits of regular, responsive messaging and cost effectiveness.

Website design

Any modern business that doesn’t have a well-designed, reliable and mobile-optimised website is putting itself at a disadvantage. Investing in good web design will help to ensure your practice gives patients a positive user experience and makes the most of revenue opportunities online.

Download Designer Dental’s marketing guide or contact us today to find out more about these and other methods to help your practice achieve its growth objectives.

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