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What an a-board can do for you

It might sound obvious, but the best way to grab someone’s attention can literally be with a sign on the street.

Even though your practice or surgery might be in plain sight, instead of far down a corner, it’s a great idea to have an a-board to alert people of your presence.

Not only this, but one of these or a banner can be a really good way of calling people over to your stand at an event or trade fair too.

Like everything you do, it shows your consumer/target audience your brand and pitches your product in a way that is visually strong but is also a soft approach.

There’s never a bad time to promote your business, particularly if you’re going to be at an exhibition.

You should also think about how important it is to advertise your products and services in your own practice and a-boards are a really good way to do this.

If you have a board at the front of your dental reception, then it will be the first thing your consumers see and will introduce people to your professional image straight away.

Banners can be a good way of carrying this message at different pop-up events, as you can create your own bespoke ones that carry your specific branding.

Don’t forget too, that when it comes to a-boards, they’re one of the best ways to grab people’s attention in places that are overly busy with traffic, or have large pedestrian areas.

One of the best things about a-boards is that they can vary as much as you want; different posters can be put in either side, meaning you can change them often.

The reason why this is good is because you can then make signs and such that promote your different services and products that may change throughout the seasons.

It’s because of this that a-boards are a popular choice for dental surgeries, as they are flexible and aren’t as expensive as other forms of advertising.

Contact us now to find out how you can use your branding to create a perfect a-board to catch the eye of your target audience today.

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