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Ways to find inspiration for new marketing content

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you’re writing about – from time to time you are going to struggle with writer’s block. It’s a frustrating but very real issue that affects everyone from great authors like Stephen King to creative assistants who are trying to get a perfect headline for an advert.

We’ve written previously on how to market a ‘boring’ subject, and a large part of this is accepting that although the particular product or service – like dental floss – is valuable and very useful, it isn’t interesting to the vast majority of people.

Because of this, finding interesting content to produce on topics that aren’t flashy but are important for people’s oral health and your business can be quite difficult.

Influence and Co. has written on how to continuously find ways to product content that your audience will find interesting and engaging. This can be adapted for just about any business you just have to find the inspiration.

First off, thinking outside the box helps with creating content; by this, we mean don’t stick to the obvious ways to creating articles or graphics. If you have a few sources that you use but these are drying up, don’t keep using them and waiting for something to come along.

Widen your search and try something different – Influence and Co. suggests typing in your relevant dental topics into Pinterest and seeing what comes up. You could try this throughout various social networks to see what kind of topics come up about oral health or dentistry, and use these topics to make creative campaign posters.

It also helps massively if you’re really passionate about your topic – if you’re not, then work out why you’re not and change it. If you study more about a particular type of dentistry that you are keen to market, then you’re much more likely to find a better, more engaging and creative way to promote it to your audience.

Don’t forget too to brainstorm as many options as possible; try combining them and visually map out how the idea will be marketed. Every draft is subject to revisions, so pursue the thoughts you have and don’t expect too much from a first draft.

As long as your idea promotes your product in some way, it’s going to be relevant – when you’re stuck for inspiration, remember that it’s more important for your end goal to think of user experience.

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