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Waiting room slideshows

When it comes to marketing the services of your dental surgery, every moment is a chance to market them to their best.

Everyone knows that the hardest thing to do is to get people through the door initially, but once you’ve done that you really have the opportunity to advertise what you’ve got to your fullest advantage.

There are lots of different ways to grab the attention of your customers through the likes of posters, pamphlets and other similar literature, but lots of dental surgeries are now finding that the most engaging way to reach out to people is through waiting room slideshows.

The waiting room is an excellent way to showcase products and services to your target audience – you know they care about their dental health because here they are!

Also, when they’re about to come into your room for their appointment they will be in the confined space of the front of your surgery, which is why you should make sure that you advertise as much as possible in this area.

A slideshow is a great way to inform your patients about all the things your surgery has to offer them, and it can have a huge impact on your profits.

Designer Dental has a professional team that will design and produce a personalised slideshow for your practice. Each one is done to align with your branding and logo, so it will be unique from anyone else’s.

Things you can include on your slideshow range from adverts, set to a backdrop of music to alert your patients’ other senses to your marketing.

If you aren’t sure about what editorial content you would like in your slideshow, we can also write the information for you – it’s safe in our hands.

For more information about waiting room slideshows and to get started on creating one with us right away, contact Designer Dental now

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