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Visual storytelling: The increase of videos on homepages and product pages

Forbes has written extensively on how visual storytelling is a huge part of this year’s content marketing push.

Visual storytelling is anything from videos to gifs and it’s becoming an ever-popular way of engaging people on social media. However, videos are also starting to become popular features for homepages and product pages of websites.

Take for example this coffee company in London: Coburg Coffee Company, which has a video on its homepage. It’s just a little taster sample that gives some background to the company and enough information to intrigue their consumer/potential business partners.

Videos like this can be great for advertising products or sales for your company, in particular if you have a product or aspect of your service that you would like to push.

In the case of the above video from the coffee company, this reaches out to the customer, to let them know about the business.

But, it is also useful for trade shows and for linking to the company’s social media pages to further advertise its services and products.

Forbes believes that the value of branded content has a lot to do with the popularity of YouTube. This platform has more than four billion views per day, which makes it the second most visited site after Google and Facebook.

As such, many companies and marketers are seeing the benefit to support their written content and social media with video channels, featuring video blogs to give a more rounded approach to their digital marketing.

Although it may sound difficult, branded video content is actually very easy to create, thanks to the high-quality filming on iPhones and tablets.

It can be very quick to make a 30-second video to show off a new product, or an aspect of your dental business that will satisfy a level of engagement that can’t be reached through written content.

Don’t forget that it’s also worth remembering that videos on your YouTube channel can be a really good way of sneaking in calls to action at the end of each short ‘film’, i.e. For more information sign up to our newsletter. Simple!

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