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Visiting dentist ‘more affordable than people realise’

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Going to the dentist does not cost as much money as some people believe it does.

Karen Coates, dental advisor at the British Dental Health Foundation, stated that a simple check-up at an NHS practitioner would be “significantly” more affordable at only £17 than it would be if the patient decided to go to a private dentist.

“If you are going for a check-up regularly, anything that is wrong can be seen at an early stage and treated as such so it is not such a big problem,” she said.

Ms Coates added that decay can be removed from the teeth early and the cavity filled, although she pointed out if the problem is ignored it can be harder to put right.

It was also noted gum disease is the main reason people lose their teeth, so regular check-ups are important for this reason.

Andrew Lamb, director of the British Dental Association in Scotland, recently told the Scotsman that the price of a trip to the dentist is putting many people off from having check-ups.

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