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Using your waiting rooms to maximum effect

Although you may not realise it, the waiting room of your dental surgery or practice can be the perfect place to capture the attention of your audience.

Think about radio advertising: although it isn’t the most modern form of marketing, it is still a popular choice for many companies. This is because many people usually listen to the radio in their cars, meaning they are essentially in one room for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, there  is a huge amount of time for the audience to absorb relevant marketing messages.

This is something similar that you can consider for your waiting room. It is perhaps the only time that you’re going to have your exact target audience in the right space for a long period of time.

When people are waiting to come in to see you for their appointments, this is the perfect opportunity for you to market extra products and services.

There is little else for people to do when they are in a waiting room, other than appreciate the posters and canvases that you use to decorate the walls of your surgery’s reception area.

If you are thinking of using something more interactive, then we would recommend a waiting room slideshow on the TV. You can use these to feature your services and products, and what’s even better is that your staff can feature in these slideshows. We have written previously that by putting yourself and your workforce in your marketing materials, you go the extra mile to show your clients that you have a brand they can trust.

As we mentioned, clients in the waiting room don’t have anything other than time and they need something to read. This is another ample opportunity to advertise and increase your sales treatments by making sure you have dental pamphlets and leaflets on the tables. Having up to date and relevant marketing materials in the waiting room can go a long way to promoting you and your surgery.

For information on how we can help you create posters, canvases, slideshows, pamphlets and other dental marketing materials, contact Designer Dental now.

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