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Use screening postcards to promote oral cancer awareness

Oral cancer is a major problem in the dental world. The disease affects a large number of people across the globe, and in the UK it is becoming one of the most common cancers around. Its spread has been exacerbated by the fact that many people do not have the knowledge to properly defend against the disease.

The main problem is that, upon discovering one of the symptoms of oral cancer, people typically do not talk to a dentist or even visit their GP. Symptoms include ulcers that refuse to heal after two weeks, and discoloured lumps in the mouth. In each of these cases, people often assume that they are no big deal.

Like many cancers, the quicker the disease is discovered, the higher the chances of survival are. This makes it vital for patients to understand the symptoms, and be prepared to get them checked up as soon as possible. Some practices hold oral cancer screening sessions for this reason, so patients can get a quick check if they are worried about the disease.

However, information about oral cancer still needs to be more widely circulated. Patients need to know when they visit your practice what the risks are regarding oral cancer, how they can avoid it, and what to do if they find a symptom of the disease.

One way dentists can achieve this is through oral cancer screening postcards. These A6 cards are a great way to both inform patients of how to keep a better standard of health and promote your dental practice at the same time.

Designer Dental produces these high-quality postcards, that are often used to invite patients to a screening session. They are printed on 380gsm coated card, in full colour. The price Designer Dental charges for the product not only pays for the physical cards themselves, it also covers design and typesetting, copywriting, and printing.

These can easily be used to promote your practice, as the postcards can be printed with a marketing message. This could highlight an element of your clinic you are proud of, such as a positive statistic, or just be a generic message that gives off a good impression of your practice.

The postcards also come printed with facts about oral cancer on the reverse. This can be vital to increasing people’s understanding, and even make the difference between life and death in some cases. If a patient is given a card featuring oral cancer symptoms, they will be better able to recognise them and get the medical help they need.

This will also give off a good impression of your practice. By distributing oral cancer screening postcards, you will be showing your patients that you care about their vitality and wellbeing. It will help reinforce the image that you are a caring healthcare professional, to help dispel the myth of the scary, clinical dentist.

Oral cancer is a serious issue, and one that will affect many people before it is brought under control. For now, the best thing dentists can do is spread awareness of the disease. Oral cancer screening cards are one way of doing this that also lets practices promote themselves.

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