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Urine could be the key to ‘tooth regeneration’

Many people who are missing a pearly white or two will be happy to find that scientists have found a way to regrow lost teeth.

But the new find isn’t for the squeamish. Urine is the key ingredient in their study.

The research published today (July 30th) in the Cell Regeneration Journal, shows that vital stem cells found in urine have been used to grow rudimentary human teeth. Discarded human cells found in the liquid can be coaxed into becoming pluripotent stem cells

Tested on mice, Chinese scientists at Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health developed tooth-like structures.

The team firmly believe that in the near future bioengineered tooth buds could be created to replace lost teeth.

Dr Duanqing Pei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: “The primitive teeth-like organs are structurally and physically similar to human teeth.’They are of roughly the same elasticity, and contain pulp, dentin and enamel-forming cells.”

He revealed that the research is not yet complete and has its limitations. When using mouse cells, the experiment had “a success rate of around 30 per cent and the structures were about one-third of the hardness of human teeth.”

Dr Pei was keen to continue exploration in the field despite criticisms.

Prof Chris Mason, a stem cell scientist at University College London, said urine was one of the “worst sources” to gather stem cells.

He said: “There are very few cells in the first place and the efficiency of turning them into stem cells is very low. You just wouldn’t do it in this way.”

Research is set to continue, with hope for the future of the dental industry.

However, losing teeth can be difficult to live with. Always ensure your patients are aware of their own dental hygiene, brushing their teeth at least twice a day. By cutting down on plaque created by sugary foods, your clients could be saving themselves from long-term tooth decay.

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