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Update your dental marketing with a digital flip book

One of the struggles of any kind of marketing campaign is updating it for the digital age. It may seem cliched to talk about young people who never read anything if it’s not on a screen, but unfortunately this can be the case for many of your patients. Your investment in brochures will be wasted if your customer base will not pick them up.

This is not always going to be the case, of course, and most practices will have a good portion of patients who will pick up and rifle through any pamphlets and leaflets they can find. As always, it is a case of getting to know the people in the area your practice is set up in and tailoring your marketing to them.

In certain areas, you will find that the vast majority of your patients sit in the waiting room glued to the screen of their smartphone. This is a challenge you must overcome when it comes to marketing to them, as traditional methods simply will not get noticed most of the time.

Instead, you should look for a more hi-tech solution. One way to grab your patients’ attention in this digital age is to invest in a brochure flip book. These are essentially standard dental marketing pamphlets, but updated so they can be viewed online in an eye-catching manner.

Rather than a plain, boring text file to read, digital flip books simulate the effect of turning a page on a screen. It may seem counterintuitive to get rid of paper brochures only to replicate them on a computer, but this is actually a surprisingly eye-catching way of getting people to engage with your dental marketing.

There is a certain novelty to turning digital pages with a flick of the finger using a touchscreen. There are a number of other advantages to the flip books as well, such as their portability; your patients will not have to carry anything extra home with them when they ‘pick up’ an online flip book.

You can also share your digital flip books through a variety of social networks, email them to people or simple embed them into your website. This makes them easier to spread around than traditional marketing materials.

Designer Dental’s digital flip books can also be integrated with a number of mobile phone operating systems. This makes them much easier to read on the go, as patients can simply flick through them using their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

If you like the sound of these digital brochures, but are unsure of what yours should look like or what written content would go in it then don’t worry! Designer Dental can help write, design and create a completely bespoke product for you and your practice, to ensure you have the best available marketing material.

In such a hi-tech world it is necessary in some cases to move with the times. If you want to appeal to an audience that is used to interacting with things over the internet, that you need to move online. Digital brochure flip books are one way to do this.

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