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Treatment leaflets give patients the lowdown

The dental industry is advancing every day. There are so many new treatments, developments and ideas available for professionals and patients.

A dental treatment leaflet can be the perfect way to keep your clients abreast of the options available for them and their teeth.

Many practices offer a wide range of services including implants, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, bridges and smile makeovers. With so many choices available to patients, treatment leaflets must be a clear and concise option for getting the facts across.

A source of information

Designer Dental offers a bespoke series of dental treatment leaflets. We aim to give your patients accessible information that avoids clinical jargon.

By distributing leaflets throughout your waiting room, you are displaying the other services which clients may wish to undergo outside their regular course of treatment. These brochures can help people reach informed decisions about their own look and health.

We help you to do this through aesthetically pleasing, professional leaflets. These brochures help to add to your reputation as a successful business and will make your patients more likely to undertake action through your company.


Treatment leaflets need to make your client feel supported in their decision by detailing the procedures involved.

By reducing fear of experimental and new treatments, patients are more likely to try a different course of action which may benefit them more fully in the long term.

While dental treatment leaflets are important and give patients a stepping stone into researching their own course of care, it is still vital to give your professional opinion in difficult cases where more than one option is available.

Selling point

Our dental treatment leaflets also aim to persuade and sell your product by revealing success stories alongside pleasing pictures.

However, you can also use a dental treatment leaflet as an opportunity to reinforce your own branding. By displaying your logo alongside a range of professional leaflets, you are showcasing yourself as a reputable source of information.

Designer Dental also offers a dental marketing service to help you create your very own brand.

A high-ranking service

Our company has helped many dental companies to reach their full potential through a top range of resources and materials. We work closely with our clients to communicate their message to as many people as possible.

Joanne Mellor, our managing director, is an award-winning specialist who picked up the New Marketer of the Year accolade at the 2008 Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards due to her commitment and success in the profession.

Complete Crown and Bridge Laboratory was very keen to recommend our services to dental professionals:

“I just wanted to say again how pleased we are with our finished brochures and inserts.  You have made it such a simple process from start to finish, and carried out our wishes to the letter.

We will definitely be recommending Designer Dental to other labs and surgeons, as the service you provide is fantastic!”

With so many satisfied customers, contact us on our website today to talk about your dental marketing plan.

Posted by Allie Wright

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