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Travelling tooth bus finds 300 oral health problems

Posted by Joanne Mellor

An Oxfordshire tooth bus has discovered more than 300 problem patients who need work done on their teeth.

The bus has been touring the town as part of a three-month campaign to reach people who have not had a dental check ups, and to refer them on to a surgery in the area, the Oxford Times reports.

In 70 days a total of 396 patients were given check ups on the mobile dental clinic and 300 of them were recommended a visit to a dentist for further treatment.

Shapour Hariri, director of Iosis Dental Clinics, which runs the bus on behalf of NHS Oxfordshire, said: “We are pleased that the tooth bus was able to help three-quarters of those who were checked. This shows that the tooth bus has done its job.”

Of the 396 people who had a check up on the bus, 76 per cent of them said they did not go to a dental practice regularly to get their teeth checked.

Interestingly, 29 per cent of people seen said they had not been to a dental clinic as they had not been in pain, but an aim of the tooth bus is to stress that although someone may not have any symptoms, it does not mean that their oral health is fine.

Mr Hariri said that those who worked on the campaign in Oxfordshire were delighted with the number of people they saw as it shows that the tooth bus has had a positive impact on those who visited it.

Those involved now hope that the oral hygiene education that has been provided to members of the public in the region has had a beneficial effect and will encourage people to prioritise oral health care in the future.

Lack of regular attendance at NHS dentists has been a problem in the county, with Oxfordshire ranked 120th out of 150 primary care trusts across the country.

The tooth bus is now in Hampshire to continue its oral health campaign.

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