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Tobacco ‘is number one mouth cancer risk factor’

Posted by Allie Wright

Tobacco has been named as the top risk factor for mouth cancer by Dr Henry Clover, deputy chief dental officer at Denplan.

He explained that those who combine smoking tobacco with drinking to excess could be increasing their chances of developing the disease by as much as 30 times.

However, the specialist pointed out that there are other risk factors involved for mouth cancer.

“What we want people to become aware of is there are other risk factors as well, mouth cancer has been associated with a poor diet and a diet low in fruits and vegetables,” Dr Henry said.

He also pointed out that there is a link between HPV that many people are unaware of and highlighted the fact many mouth cancer risk factors are associated with life choices.

Dental patients in west Devon are being offered a free screening on November 16th in order to see if they have mouth cancer, the Okehampton Times recently reported.

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