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The power of the waiting room slide show

Many skilled dental marketers are already aware of the possibilities that their practice waiting rooms can offer. After all, you have a captive audience, given that the vast majority of your patients will spend at least some time there before they are called through to their appointments.

You may have already capitalised on this fact by providing paper marketing such as leaflets in your waiting areas, but there is another way to further boost your dental opportunities. Waiting room slide shows are an increasingly regular sight in doctors’ surgeries, and they can provide enormous benefits for dental practices as well.

However, an amateurish slide show can be incredibly offputting for patients. It suggests that the treatments being advertised are likely to be as cheap, low-quality and cost-cutting as the footage promoting them – obviously the last thing any dentist wants, particularly when they pride themselves on their excellent patient care and high-quality work.

Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can use these powerful tools in your waiting room.


Using of plenty of white and other light colours in your slide show is a great way of killing two birds with one stone. Consider how your patients would describe their dream teeth. Healthy is likely to be a top priority, as is straight. But the first word many people use when describing good teeth is ‘white’. The meteoric rise of tooth-whitening treatments in recent years is testament to this.

Furthermore, colour theorists suggest that white is often associated with cleanliness and sterility. While you may think your practice’s high standards of hygiene are a given, many patients are nervous about the risk of infection and complications, or have had bad experiences in the past. A careful use of colour can give them an early sense that your practice takes such matters seriously, and therefore can be trusted to carry out work on their mouths.


On a related note, white and other pale colours can have a very calming effect on those looking at them. This is exactly the effect you want as a dentist, since you will have almost certainly encountered patients who are needlessly frightened of dental procedures that are actually quick, painless and highly beneficial. In marketing terms, it is very helpful in portraying modern dentistry as a gentle and straightforward experience, as patients who feel at ease are more likely to investigate additional treatments.

A soundtrack isn’t compulsory for slide shows, but quiet and gentle mood music can be a nice touch in furthering the mood of calmness. It can also help soothe patients who aren’t looking at the screen, meaning their appointment is likely to be less stressful, and their perception of you more positive as a result. You’ll also feel and perform better if you can spend your days treating relaxed, cheerful patients, which can create a positive feedback loop of improvements.


While a generic slide show can achieve limited results, the best way to market your services is to make sure that your slide show is as relevant as possible. This can mean sections about your current special offers, or content giving updates about your latest and best treatments.


A powerful way of drawing viewers in across all kinds of video advertising is showing scenes that will appeal to viewers on multiple levels. Associating an aspirational lifestyle with your dental treatments by including attractive images on your slide show will make them seem more desirable.

However, teeth and oral health should always be at the centre of your slide show, so that patients get the message about the benefits of your treatment. Showing attractive, smiling people with great teeth is a particularly good way of making cosmetic dentistry aspirational.
Consider using other signifiers of health, such as eating fruit or spending time outdoors, to demonstrate the wider benefits of good oral health.

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