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The importance of feedback forms

Although it can seem daunting, one of the best ways to get into the minds of your consumer is to ask them.

It can be tempting just to do this on social media, which is quick and efficient, but if you want a careful and more considered answer, we recommend feedback forms.

Off the back of the responses, you can tailor marketing campaigns and strategy that you know your target audience is going to appreciate.

You don’t just have to look at them as a way for patients to comment on the way that you do things, they can be valuable for finding out exactly what they need.

As an applied marketing practice, you should partner the information you collect from these forms with the things that your patients do or comment on when they come for a visit.

Doing these two things together is going to make sure that you’re always paying optimum attention to the most updated needs and wants of your patients.

Another solid use for feedback forms is that you can use the quotes as testimonials for use in other marketing materials; for leaflets, posters, pamphlets and mailouts, among other things.

We advise you to make sure that you ask your patients first before using their quotes, to make sure they’re okay with having their words publicised to the rest of the people in your database.

The best way to do this is by drawing up a consent form and having your clients sign it, that way there are no legal implications, or other issues.

Why would you want to use a client’s word for a testimonial? Quite simply, because people are much more likely to listen to the voice of their peer, rather than someone who is involved in the business.

It establishes a level of trust, on a person-to-person level, that someone outside the dental practice benefited from your service or product and want to recommend it to others in a way that is non-threatening and best of all, friendly.

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