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The importance of CTAs and why you shouldn’t forget them

Although all of the content that you put out to bolster your dental marketing is important, you need to remember to create strong call to action (CTA) messages that make your potential patients want to either click through for more information or pick up the phone to call you.

To make sure you’re being effective, it can be helpful to first think of any CTAs that have piqued your interest and caused you to click through to seek out details about a product or service.

Each sign-up link that you have clicked before eventually joining is an example of an effective CTA that guides visitors through the buying journey and is something you should try to recreate.

Conversions, revenue, business and even awareness depend on calls to action, particularly when it comes to online marketing. Think for example of any newsletter or eshot campaign that you have sent out to your audience – how many clicks have they received on average?

If you’re working it out and the figures show that lots of patients are opening the newsletters but not clicking through to your website or making an appointment, it could be because you don’t have strong CTAs in place.

The absence of a call to action means that there is no direct appeal to your patients to urge them to want to get in touch with you and find out about all the services that your surgery offers.

In your newsletters, a CTA may look like a “contact us” button or a tagline at the end of an article with a hyperlink that takes them to an email address or contact form for information.

Regarding physical media, such as pamphlets, posters or even comment cards, these prompts usually end with a web address or a phone number for people to call should they want to ask questions or make an appointment.

Take time to think about the language you use for your CTAs – they should fit in with the rest of your branding because you don’t want to deviate to confuse anyone.

The great thing about CTAs is that they can and should go anywhere to attract as many conversions as possible. Don’t forget that they don’t necessarily have to lead to a sale or appointment booking – a CTA is seen as successful if someone fills out a form to request a free sample or even to download a .pdf article.

For more information on how we can help you with your dental marketing CTAs, contact Designer Dental now.

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