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Success for Mouth Cancer Action Month

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) has announced that it has raised £600 to go towards the research and treatment of mouth cancer. The group’s efforts were part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, a dental marketing campaign that ran throughout November in order to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

The BSDHT, a group comprised of 4,000 members, raised the money through two mouth cancer screening workshops. These were held at the society’s annual Oral Health Conference and Exhibition on November 15th and 16th at Birmingham’s ICC.

The society highlighted the importance of proper oral care, as well as the crucial role that dental health professionals play in detecting and preventing mouth cancer. The chances of survival after contracting mouth cancer increase dramatically if it is detected early enough; something that occurs largely thanks to dental health professionals spotting it in time.

Around 31 million people, just over half the population, were seen by a dentist in the last two years. This gives dental hygienists and therapists a vital opportunity to spread awareness of mouth cancer through conversations with patients, as well as using posters, leaflets and other marketing techniques. In this way, the 60,000 cases of mouth cancer that are predicted to occur in the next ten years can be caught early enough for effective treatment.

The BSDHT hopes to help with improving the UK public’s awareness of mouth cancer, and to encourage people to visit the dentist more often. The Direct Access scheme that is set to be introduced will hopefully increase the frequency of dental check-ups.

John Siebert, president of the British Dental Health Foundation, said: “Without the generous donations of those like the BSDHT, much of our charitable activities would simply not be possible. It is donations such as this that enables us to invest in valuable educational resources to raise awareness of this killer disease.

“I am delighted the campaign has been a great success. This year we had more than 14,000 dental and health professionals support the campaign through the Blue Ribbon Appeal. Mouth cancer is finally getting the attention it so rightly deserves.”

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