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Study reveals mental impact of poor teeth

Posted by Allie Wright

A new study has highlighted the mental issues that can arise as a result of poor standards of oral health, with dental marketing campaigns possibly including the findings in the future.

Research conducted by Oasis Dental Care found 70 per cent of people with bad teeth say it is had a negative impact on their lives.

Julian Perry, clinical director at Oasis Dental Care, explained the issues raised as a result of the study go beyond vanity.

“Some members of the public are demonstrating some very serious psychological issues and we’d urge them to see a dentist,” he said.

Mr Perry highlighted the fact there is a solution to almost every oral health problem.

Some 39 per cent of those with bad teeth who responded stated they try to avoid smiling so they do not reveal them to others.

A recent report from the British Dental Health Foundation also found oral health problems damage the economy, due to members of staff having to take time off from work.

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