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Study finds white teeth ‘more attractive’

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Dental marketing campaigns may stress the importance of keeping teeth white after a new study found this is attractive to both men and women.

A report by the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire that was published in the journal PLoS ONE discovered both sexes are more attracted to white teeth than a yellowing smile.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, yellow teeth were shown by the study to be unpopular, while widely spaced teeth were also deemed less attractive.

Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie said: “When males are looking at females and when females are looking at females, there is quite a strong effect.”

He explained this is due to the fact a man looks at a woman’s teeth to help judge her age, as well as to provide a guide to how far she is from the menopause.

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, but it must only be carried out by a qualified dental practitioner.

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