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Social Boomerang

Another day, another social media tool and this time it’s in the form of a boomerang.

Technically, Social Boomerang is isn’t an entirely new platform, it’s an added feature of Instagram’s already popular format.

It is however, a way to make a GIF out of the pictures that you post on Instagram and is quick and very easy to use.

The reason why Instagram has done this is because GIFs are taking over the world of social media, comma as they’re seen as more engaging and interactive than static images.

For those of you who might be unsure, a GIF is a one-second, video-style image that has shot to popularity thanks to websites like Buzzfeed.

However, they can be incredibly useful for all types of business and in particular for marketing your various products and services.

Often, the most successful GIFs are those that have been shortened from longer animated videos.

For example, if we provide you with an animated video to highlight something specific about your practice, you can use this as a foundation to create a GIF.

This is where Social Boomerang from Instagram comes in, because you can first take a still image from an animated video and then load it to your Instagram feed and there you have a simple GIF that links in with another part of your marketing message.

Similarly, if you have some promotional materials, for example toothbrushes, branded lip balm sticks, etc, it can be a really good idea to snap a picture of their message and turn it into a GIF itself.

Why is this more beneficial? Because it’s more likely to be shared, liked and/or retweeted by your followers to their followers, therefore it will help you reach a larger audience with a minimum amount of effort.

Large brands are already using Boomerang to highlight some of their products. For example, Timberland used the platform to show off its latest catalogue of merchandise in a bid to get people to pick up their physical advertising.

This is something that you could use Boomerang for too, to showcase your leaflets of information, or perhaps a physical newsletter that you hand out to your patients.

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