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Snackable content, what it is and why it could be great for you

​There’s a constant debate raging about what length content should be and they usually fall into three separate categories: long, mid-length and snackable – which is sometimes also referred to as micro-content.

For argument’s sake, you can say that each different type has its merits and there is a certain amount of truth to this, as it can really depend on what you want the content for, or what message you’re trying to convey.

However, more often than not, snackable content can be the easiest way for you to engage customers and spread your message.

Snackable content is basically anything that’s bite-sized, i.e. that you can snack on, like a tweet. If you think about the way that people use Twitter, users get all the information they need from 140 characters, and if they don’t they have enough to entice them to click on a link to hear more, which is where you’re mid-sized and longer content will come into play.

Of course, this is assuming that Twitter keeps this character amount and doesn’t go ahead with its proposed plans to increase the length of tweets.

What you have to remember is that when it comes to getting a succinct message across, less is always more. This has been historically true, regardless of the digital age and the swap from print to online media.

Now, consumers don’t want to invest in reading long swathes of text unless it’s absolutely relevant. Marketing Professionals says that this is because consumers are now trained to sample information, using the iTunes 30-second free sample of songs as its main example and it’s an accurate one to use.

The website also points out that the food industry has done this for years, by making fun or snack-size chocolate bars and other things. The purpose of these is to satiate a little bit of what they need, to see if they need something more, and this is exactly what you should be doing in your social media and snack-size blogs.

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t just rely on snackable content, it should be used as an addition or precursor to your longer content, to strengthen it and improve your overall message.

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