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Service with a smile menu

If you’re looking to boost your dental practice’s profitability, you’ll probably already know that staying up to date with all the latest cosmetic procedures, and being able to offer patients a range of non-essential treatments, is an excellent way to go about this.

However, this approach is of no help if visitors are not aware of what you have on offer. This is when smile menus can be a really useful tool.

We live in a very image-conscious society, and it is not unusual for people to feel insecure about the appearance of their teeth, even well into adulthood.

A smile menu is chiefly a checklist that asks patients how they feel about their teeth, which can then be a jumping-off point for discussing the potential treatments that can help them find their confidence.

There is a range of such menus on offer, or one can be tailored to match the precise services your practice provides. For the best effect, they can be provided with your surgery’s colour scheme and logo fully integrated.

This helps to present your business as caring and willing to go the extra mile to make sure their patients are happy, all while opening up the possibility of selling further treatments.

If you give a smile menu to your patients to fill out along with other paperwork before their appointment, they are more likely to have the issue at the front of their mind during their check-up or other procedure. This makes it easier for them to raise any concerns they may have, and to open up to a greater extent when you ask them questions.

Furthermore, if a patient indicates on their smile menu that they are not completely happy with their teeth, a marker can be put on their file to remind their dentist to follow up with them about this.

In this way, even promoting the cosmetic treatments that you can provide is framed as responding to a patient’s concerns. As many patients are put off by any suggestion of a hard sell while in the chair, this can be a very successful approach.

Being able to say “I see you ticked these questions on our smile menu” is also a neutral, non-confrontational way of raising the question of cosmetic dental procedures. Some people may be offended at the suggestion that their teeth are less than perfect, so proceeding with caution is always a good idea.

On the other hand, some people are perfectly happy with their teeth but might be thrown if you mention the possibilities for aesthetic improvement. It could even lead them to question your understanding of them. On a more positive note, filtering out patients that aren’t at all interested in cosmetic options means that you can spend more time discussing other, more relevant issues, such as how they can best look after their oral health and similar healthy lifestyle advice.
Being able to tailor your theme to a patient’s interests is a key part of developing the kind of rapport that creates loyal patients who are willing to recommend you to their friends. This is in addition to the commercial opportunities that smile menus can open up, showing just how effective they can be as a marketing tool and a way of getting to know your patients.

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