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Review of cosmetic dentistry is an “important step”

The Faculty of General Dentistry Practice UK (FGDP) has welcomed a report which examines the state of cosmetic dentistry.

FGDP officials have labelled the review a very “important step” in bringing better standards of patient care and procedures to dental care.

Cosmetic dental procedures have been viewed with caution for some time. However, following the recent report by Sir Bruce Keogh, Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, the FGDP is confident that this sector of the industry will be seen differently.

Trevor Ferguson, dean of the FGDP, said: “As with tooth whitening, the dental profession has a concern around the provision of treatment by non-healthcare practitioners, and this concern has also been voiced around injectables.”

The rise in popularity of such procedures provides a potential problem for dental professionals as patient safety is called into question. Such matters were addressed in the report and the FGDP is particularly happy with the suggestion that only qualified professionals be able to administer Botox injections and dermal fillers.

In light of this, Mr Ferguson added: “The Keogh report has provided a timely opportunity to review the quality of patient care and standards of training across all areas of cosmetic dentistry, and we will be seeking a leading role in discussions.”

The FGDP have already begun measures to set standards within the field. Introducing a course called masterclass in facial aesthetics, the faculty hopes to assess those wishing to gain cosmetic certification. The class also hopes to teach ethical, psychological and medico-legal considerations, as well as general techniques and all fundamental aspects of cosmetic intervention.

Many people are turning to cosmetics to gain that all-white celebrity smile. With the popularity of adult braces and teeth-whitening treatments, focusing on aesthetic appearance, these dental extras are changing the face of the industry.

Professionals can use dental marketing campaigns such as treatment leaflets and dental posters to highlight these methods for patients wanting to go the extra mile.

Posted by Allie Wright

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