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Regular dental trips ‘identify oral health problems early’

Posted by Allie Wright

Dental marketing campaigns may need to stress the importance of parents ensuring their children have appointments at the dentist on a regular basis.

Oral health helpline advisor at the British Dental Health Foundation Karen Coates noted children pick up habits at an early age, so focusing on dental care is important.

“Regular visits to the dentist, as often as they recommend, will help to identify and treat any oral health problems before they cause lasting damage,” she said.

Ms Coated also highlighted the fact that parents ought to steer clear of fizzy drinks when packing a lunch for their child to take with them to school.

She pointed out it is important for youngsters to have a nutritious lunch and snacks for school, with breadsticks, vegetables and cheese recommended as great choices.

A report by the East Anglian Daily Times recently quoted NHS Suffolk’s senior primary care manager Fiona Theadom as saying that some local children are having all of their teeth removed because of a lack of dental care.

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