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Rebranding a dental practice – is it right for you?

Rebranding your dental practice is not a snap decision – there are many factors impacting your decision to do so, meaning it requires careful consideration.

Your reasons to make such a leap can be based on the promise of targeting more potential patients – thus increasing revenue – or on wanting to move away from your current image. Whatever your reasons, you’ll need to be completely sure that it’s the right thing to do before beginning the process.

Attracting new patients

Perhaps the most common reason for wanting to rebrand your business is wanting to attract a new group of patients, who may be currently registered at a rival practice.

In order to do this, you will have to create a reason for patients to switch to your practice. Perhaps you have more dentists so patients will always be able to obtain a timely appointment, or maybe your practice offers better deals on certain procedures.

Ensure that you focus on whatever aspect your practice offers that others don’t. However, you will need to consider whether this can be achieved through a more simple method, such as a social media campaign or local advertising, before you commit to a complete rebrand.

Distance from the practice’s current image

If your practice has gone through a difficult period – whether financial or reputational – rebranding it could result in a clean slate.

This is something to seriously consider if your practice has received a number of complaints, which has then led to a drop in patient numbers. However, along with changing the image, you will need to ensure that any problems have been addressed and will not continue when the new branding comes into effect.

Appeal to a new demographic

If your practice has one certain type of person that makes up the majority of its patient list, you could be missing out. Every person in the country needs dental treatment, so limiting yourself to appealing to one demographic might not be a wise decision.

Your practice may want to freshen up its image in order to be more attractive to younger people. You might also elect to highlight how accommodating you are to children’s needs to attract more families.

However, it’s again necessary to consider whether a more focused marketing campaign could achieve the same results before you decide to entirely rebrand your practice.

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