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Reassure patients with dental DVDs

The waiting room of your practice is, in many ways, a captive audience. They will be waiting for several minutes for their dental appointment, and often will be looking for a way to occupy their minds. It is therefore the perfect time to show them the other products and services that you offer.

One way to do that, which may not have crossed the minds of many dentists, is with DVDs. Designer Dental offers a range of practice DVDs that are designed to captivate the audience of a waiting room. So why are these such a good idea for your practice?


Attention grabbing

Posters and leaflets are very good ways of advertising your products, but some people will not pay attention to them. Different things catch the attention of different people, and some will stare vacantly into space rather than read what is written on a poster.

Any kind of moving image, however, is automatically eye-catching. They engage your patients’ attention quicker, and more powerfully. You might find that a DVD is the last piece of the puzzle needed to ensure that each of your patients walks away from your practice having absorbed some information about your services.



The DVDs that Designer Dental offers are bespoke, tailored to your needs and your practice. You can have a series of adverts for your practice played on a loop in your waiting room, and that is very good for your image in the eyes of your patients.

People associate video advertisements with being on television, and that brings with it an air of respectability. People are used to only seeing adverts from the UK’s larger companies on their screens, so seeing your dental practice on a television associates it with that kind of big name brand.



One of the main reasons a lot of businesses reject the idea of a promotional DVD is that they do not feel that they have time to organise one. It becomes difficult finding the time to create promotional material, particularly if you are running a busy practice.

However, Designer Dental’s DVD packages are written, designed and created for you, so your work is kept to a minimum. All that is needed from you is a description of what you want, and Designer Dental can manage the organisation for you.

Designer Dental’s prices include design of the DVD, copywriting, compiling the DVD and posting it out to you. There are three packages available to you depending on your needs, consisting of 20, 25 or 30 adverts that can be played on a loop.


Increased awareness

The services you offer might not stick in the heads of patients. You may find that you explain a product that would very much benefit a patient, and they have forgotten its name by the time they get to their car.

Human memory is an unusual thing, however it is generally accepted that certain things are easier to remember than others. A DVD presentation of the services you offer will not only be more memorable than a simple conversation, it will also increase your customers’ knowledge of the products in general.

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