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Why properly trained staff have an impact on your surgery’s revenue

Maintaining a steady stream of business is a difficult task for any business, not just for those who own dental surgeries. If you have found that your sales are dropping and aren’t sure why, it could be time for you to look at the way your staff are treating your patients.  In many cases, particularly when it comes to dental practices, a lot of customers will base their choice of surgery on how well they are treated or if their experience has been handled properly.


Although it might seem a bit strong, it can be a good idea to monitor the way your front-of-house and dental team treat patients and if you can see something out of the ordinary, then you know it’s time for them to receive either retraining or brand new training.  Problematically, some may see training as a waste of money or expensive, but the reality is that regular and high-quality training is an excellent investment, not only in your staff but your business overall.

Untrained employees can cause you real issues, as they won’t have the knowledge required to use your surgery’s resources correctly, which will either waste all the resources you have or affect the way that they engage with your patients.

For example, if a new or potential patient phones the surgery looking for more information about the practice or a certain procedure, the front-of-house staff need to be able to field these kinds of questions. If they don’t, they’re going to give an unsatisfactory answer at best or make your business look unprofessional at worst, which will not be of comfort to the person with the enquiry and they may choose another surgery that makes them feel better.

On the other side of the coin, staff should be keen to receive training in order to better understand their job and your business. Many people now cite regular and comprehensive training as one of the main reasons they stay at a job because they know what they’re doing and how to do it well.

For information on the different training courses that we can offer your surgery and its staff, contact Designer Dental Training now.

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