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People wishing to have amalgam fillings removed ‘should take advice’

Posted by Joanne Mellor

Individuals who want to have the amalgam fillings in their teeth taken out have been told they need to take expect dental advice before they have the procedure done.

According to Marina Carew, dentist and founder of the Marina Carew Dental Practice and Holistic Clinic, a specialist is not able to promise they are going to get better if they are removed.

“A number of patients have had symptoms that have improved when they have had them taken out,” she said, while she added people have to also get the help of a nutritionist or another healthcare practitioner if they want the amalgam fillings taken out.

Ms Carew explained it is important the fillings are taken out very carefully, so not much mercury vapour is released during the process.

Peter Ward, chief executive of the British Dental Association, previously claimed exposure to mercury in amalgams is not harmful.

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