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PEC chair: BDA must champion high quality care

Posted by Joanne Mellor

The importance of integrity and professionalism at the British Dental Association (BDA) has been stressed by the chair of the organisation’s Principal Executive Committee (PEC).

Dr Martin Fallowfield, who was recently confirmed as the new incumbent of the position, stated the system must allow professionals to prioritise high quality care for patients.

He explained the need for dentists to be “free of concern about whether the system that is funding the care provides adequate resources for the treatment that is needed”.

The PEC chair added that the belief patients should come first is what makes dentistry stand out from the crowd in the healthcare sector in the UK.

Dr Fallowfield also spoke of some of the challenges facing the PEC in the long term.

The PEC chair recently criticised a report into dental care by the Office of Fair Trading, claiming the document was “sensationalist”, while the coverage it was given was “unhelpful”.

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