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Patients spared from the needle by new nasal spray

New hope has arrived for patients with a fear of the dentist’s chair.

A new nasal spray will be introduced to the dental industry to replace numbing injections.

The innovative new product could help to bring ease and comfort to many of those with a fear of needles. A recent study revealed that 15 thousand people in the UK suffer from anxiety surrounding their visit to the dentist.

Kovacaine Mist has been shown to be as effective than standard anaesthetic, if not more so. During trials at the University of Buffalo, four out of five people (83 per cent) did not need any further anaesthetic during their treatment.

Creator of the product, Dr Mark Kollar, said that Kovacaine Mist was “sufficient for the performance of restorative dental procedures”, meaning that patients can be effectively anaesthetised for long periods without complications.

Dr Nigel Carter, head of the British Dental Association, was delighted with the innovation. He said: “Patients anxious of the dentist are, in theory, likely to have poorer oral health than those who get regular check-ups.”

Dr Carter went on to say that the spray is a positive step towards change in the industry, dispelling fears and promoting positive dental hygiene to patients.

Among the list of benefits, those with ADHD  – who tend to show higher proportions of dental anxiety – will be able to relax with the introduction of Kovacaine Mist. However it is important to remember that those with a fear of the dentist need to take extra care of their teeth.

Dental leaflets and brochures can offer less invasive courses of treatment and distributing door to door so that patients do not need to conquer their fears to improve their dental health. Leaflets are also an excellent opportunity to reinforce your personal business brand and enhance your reputation as a professional source of information.

The greatly anticipated drug has passed two clinical phases and hopes to be available in the US from next year.

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

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