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Patients seeking braces for celebrity smile

More people are asking for braces than ever before.

In 2012, over one million people chose braces rather than invasive dental surgery, shedding stereotypes around the treatment.

The research from the British Orthodontic Society says that many patients are seeing the value of a straight white smile with many adults over the age of 25 preferring the option of a brace.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the British Health Foundation, believes the rise of the cult of celebrity is to thank for the massive emphasis on dental health.

He said: “Celebrities are often seen as role models in society, and the visible standard of their oral hygiene is no exception. With many stars often improving their own smile through cosmetic dentistry, it’s no wonder we are now seeing a growing trend within the British public.”

Adult braces have certainly lost their stigma in recent years which is good news for dentists wanting to offer comprehensive dental advice. Kate Middleton is rumoured to have had a brace fitted before her wedding in April 2011.

Dr Carter went on to say: “The significant advances in technology mean you can now wear braces without them being blindingly obvious.”

It isn’t only orthodontic methods that are on the increase. Research from the British Dental Health Foundation suggests that one in five people are now spending more money on oral health products compared with fragrances, cosmetics, hair and skincare.

With such a positive boost in cosmetic dental awareness it seems time to thank Cheryl Cole and the media masses.

This is a great chance for dental professionals to provide themed marketing, focusing on celebrities in a strong campaign to promote hygiene using household names.

Designer Dental can provide you with dental welcome packs and posters to help put your practice at the top of the list.

Whilst this is extremely positive for the dental industry, it is important to reinforce cleanliness and a rigorous oral regime in order to maintain a pearly white smile.

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

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