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Painless injections approved by BDHF

One of the worst parts of going to the dentist, in many people’s minds, is getting an anaesthetic. This involves a painful injection, which often puts potential patients off going to the dentist at all. This is obviously not the best thing for their oral health!

However, there is now an alternative to injections that has just received accreditation from the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) and its independent board of dental experts: the Wand. Practices and their owners should pay attention, as this pain-free device should be featuring heavily in your dental marketing!

The Wand Single Tooth Anaesthesia System is completely computer-controlled – the first device of its kind to have this feature – and allows for a single injection at a single tooth. It is being marketed as completely painless.

Now, the BDHF has confirmed these claims. Brian Jackson from Dental Practice Systems, the company charged with distributing the Wand, said: “We now know the Wand’s claims to offer patients pain-free injections can be substantiated.”

With many people apprehensive or even terrified of visiting the dentist, a painless device such as this could go a long way towards comforting people and keeping them calm. “We hope practices that specialise in treating nervous patients will utilise the Wand to offer a more comfortable experience,” added Mr Jackson.

Every practice using it can benefit from advertising the Wand in their dental marketing. Often, the difference between someone making an appointment and putting it off is the thought of an injection. The Wand renders those fears completely irrelevant.

Sharon Broom, the BDHF’s director of operations, said: “We are delighted to add our seal of approval to the Wand. We know from calls to our Dental Helpline that a section of patients are afraid of the dentist, perhaps from a past or childhood experience.

“Accrediting the Wand gives dental practices the independent reassurance they need to tell their patients about what they can offer.”

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