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Pain-free dentist drill ‘a big step forward’

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

A new invention that could replace the dentist’s drill has been developed by researchers in the US and been hailed as a step forward for the industry.

Scientists at the University of Missouri claim the gas-firing mechanism can clear out cavities in rotten teeth in just 30 seconds and is less uncomfortable for patients.

Professor David Bartlett, head of prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute, stated that it sounds like a good idea in principle, reports the Daily Mail.

He noted: “In order to access decay it is often necessary to drill through the enamel, which is the hardest material in the body.”

The specialist added the mixture of gas and liquid will have to be able to get passed the enamel if it is to be useful for dental practitioners.

According to the British Dental Health Federation, around 30 per cent of patients are scared of having a tooth drilled, while ten per cent have some form of phobia of a trip to the dentist.

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