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Oral cancers ‘will be spotted by dentists’

Posted by Allie Wright

People concerned about oral cancers have been reassured that dentists are able to spot the warning signs of the disease.

Professor Stephen Porter, director of University College London’s Eastman Dental Institute, stated painless white or white and red areas of the lining of the mouth are among the features that can be noted before the cancer begins to develop.

He pointed out dentists will be able to identify these areas, which in the UK are often to be found on the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

“The dentist can arrange for a patient with a suspicious lesion to be referred quickly to a specialist centre for additional investigations – usually a biopsy in the first instance,” said Professor Porter.

Dr Henry Clover, deputy chief dental officer at Denplan, recently named tobacco as the number one risk factor involved in mouth cancer.

He also pointed out those who drink to excess as well as smoke are increasing their chances of developing mouth cancer by 30 per cent.

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