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Occupational health sheet released to help raise awareness of mouth cancer

Posted by Yvonne Wallace

Dental marketing campaigns could be updated to include symptoms of mouth cancer after a new occupational health sheet was released in order to raise awareness of the disease.

Events are taking place throughout this month in a bid to widen public understanding and knowledge of mouth cancer, which is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK.

Healthcare provider Simplyhealth and the British Dental Health Foundation have teamed up to release the occupational health sheet, which could help to fill a gap in knowledge among the general public about the risk factors involved in mouth cancer.

A survey carried out by the foundation has revealed 93 per cent of employers do not give occupational health information on the importance of maintaining good oral health, even though one person dies every five hours from the disease.

Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation Dr Nigel Carter stated that it is clear more needs to be done in order to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

“By introducing the occupational health sheet, we hope more people will learn about the disease and take their lifestyle habits into consideration,” he said, noting this could help to boost the economy as well, due to the fact that £32 billion is lost every year through sick days.

Howard Hughes, spokesman for Simplyhealth, added: “The occupational health sheet is an excellent resource we believe will play a vital role in educating the workforce about mouth cancer.”

As part of Mouth Cancer Awareness Week, the University of Dundee hosted an event at which dental experts will be offering advice to members of the public about mouth cancer.

Simon Shepherd, of the University of Dundee Dental School, highlighted the fact that more people in the UK are affected by mouth cancer than testicular and cervical cancer combined.

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