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NHS dental contract “must be good for business”

Lord Howe has said that reforms to the proposed dental contracts must provide opportunities for businesses as well as patients.

In a recent speech at Westminster, the health minister revealed more details about coming changes to the profession and the way patients are seen throughout the NHS, reports

The contracts, which contains measures being tested in 90 surgeries across the UK, are set to reexamine the way healthcare is viewed, providing a cultural revamp of the industry.

The official said: “Any model we adopt must not just be right for clinical care, but also care that works for dental practices as a business – and care that is also cost effective.”

This is excellent news for dentists wishing to maintain income and reputation while also wanted to provide the best care for their patients. However Lord Howe stated that “remuneration” was perhaps the most critical issue of the contract.

Although much anticipated throughout the dental world, no date has yet been given as to when the full impact of these measures will come into play. The pilot schemes are still providing vital feedback. The minister said he would speak to the Coalition Agreement, suggesting that the programme would be full underway before the next election on May 7th 2015.

Proposed improvements included tackling fluoride varnishes and high concentration toothpastes to change the way people view their own oral hygiene in the UK. Lord Howe suggested these measures should come into being as soon as possible, without waiting for the new contract to come about.

The long-term benefits of a variety of changes in the industry will no doubt be beneficial to the dentistry body, allowing professionals to undertake fresh and exciting courses of treatment for the future of their patients.

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Posted by Allie Wright

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